What is The Color of the Air?

Alabaster. Aquamarine. Aqua. Amethyst. Amber. Alice blue. Alizarin. Amaranth. Apricot. Army green. Asparagus. Atomic tagerine. Auburn. Azure. Black. Blue. Brown. Blood red. Burgandy. Beige. Baby Blue. Bronze. Bistre. Blue-green. Blue-violet. Bondi blue. Brass. Bright pink. Bright blue. Bright green. Brilliant rose. Buff. Burnt orange. Burnt sienna. Burnt umber. Creme. Camouflage green. Caput Mortuum. Cardinal red. Carmine. Carnation pink. Carolina Blue. Carrot orange. Celadon. Cerise. Cerulean blue. Chartreuse. Cherry blossom. Chestnut. Chocolate. Cinnabar. Cinnamon.Colbalt. Columbia Blue. Copper. Copper rose. Coral. Coral red. Corn. Cornflower blue. Cosmic latte. Crimson. Cyan. Dark blue. Dark brown. Dark coral. Deep fuchsia. Deep lilac. Deep peach. Denim. Dodge blue. Ecru. Egyptian Blue. Electric blue. Electric green. Electric indigo. Emerald. Eggplant. . Falu red. Fern green. Firebrick. Flax. Forest green. French Rose. Fuchsia. Fuschia pink. Gamboge. Gold. Golden Brown. Golden Yellow. Goldenrod. Grey-asparagus. Green. Grey. Han purple. Harequin. Heliotrope. Hollywood Cerise. Hot magenta. Hot Pink. Indigo. International Klein boue. International orange. Islamic green. Ivory. Ice white. Iridescent blue. Iridescent pink. Indian red. Jade. Kelly green. Khaki.Lavander. Lavender blue. Lavender blush. Lavender grey. Lawn green. Lemon. Lemon chiffon. Light blue. Light pink. Light green. Lilac. Lime green. Linen. Magenta. Magic mint. Magnolia. Malachite. Maroon. Maya blue. Mauve. Mauve Taupe. Medium blue. Medium carmine. Mint green. Midni ght blue. Misty rose. Moss green. Mountbatten pink. Mustard. Myrtle. Navy blue. Navajo white. Ochre. Office green. Old Gold. Old Lace. Old Lavender. Old rose. Olive. Olive drab. Olivine. Orange. Orange peel. Orange red. Orchid. Pale blue. Pale carmine. Pale chestnut. Papaya whip. Pastel green. Pastel pink. Peach. Peach-orange. Peach-yellow. Pear. Periwinkle. Persian blue. Persian green. Persimmon. Pine green. Pink. Pink-orange. Platinum. Plum. Powder blue. Puce. Prussian blue. Psychedelic purple. Pumpkin. Purple. Purple-blue. Purple Taupe. Raw umber. Razzmatazz. Red. Red-violet. Rich carmine. Rose. Rose Madder. Rose taupe. Royal purple. Ruby. Russet. Rust. Safety orange. Saffron. Salmon. Sandy brown. Sangria. Sapphire. Scarlet. School bus yellow. Sea green. Seashell. Selective yellow. Sepia. Shamrock green. Shocking pink. Silver. Sky blue. Slate grey. Smalt. Spring bud. Spring green. Steel blue. Tan. Tangerine. Tangerine yellow. Taupe. Tea green. Tea rose. Teal. Tenne. Terra cotta. Thistle. Tomato. Turquoise. Tyrain purple. Ultramarine. United Nations blue. Vegas gold. Vermilion. Violet. Viridian. Wheat. White. Wisteria. Winter grey. Yellow. Yellow-green. Yellow-red. Zinnwaldite.



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